"Dramatically Reduce Arguments with One Simple Question..."

As a professional marriage therapist, I searched for years to discover a simple technique to help couples trapped in conflicts, arguments, and tension.

And I finally found it.

The quickest, simplest, easiest way to break through endless arguments and rekindle a peaceful, loving relationship.

Helping nearly a thousand couples has shown me that most relationship problems don't start from something bad in the marriage, but from something good that's missing: tuning in.

When you are tuned in to each other, you stay connected. Deeply connected. And everything else in your marriage gets better automatically.

So I developed a technique that gets you “tuned in” to each other as quickly and easily as possible so you stop the pain and start building new connection into your relationship right away.

It’s worked for professional couples, working class couples, city couples, rural couples, no kids, lots of kids, open to seeing a therapist, and hesitant to see a therapist.

My technique gets you on to the same "frequency" as your spouse, so you can finally truly understand them and hear what they really need. And best of all: they actually feel you understand them, and it feels amazing for them.

If you've had conflict for a long time, there's something critical your spouse is trying to say to you. It's under the surface, and it can't get spoken, heard, or resolved until you learn to tune in. That's why your conflict continues, possibly even bursting out of every seam.

It's not about fault, it's only about getting tuned in.

What couples love about this technique is how easy it is to use: it's all based on one simple question (just six words) you ask your spouse as a conversation begins, before it turns into conflict.

This six word question gives you a simple and highly effective way to focus your attention and communication, and get you tuned in so communication is successful, and doesn't spiral into an argument.

This one simple question cuts off conflict before it can even start, and ensures every conversation makes trust and connection stronger than before.

Couples who use this question to tune in to each other experience amazing and rapid improvements in their relationship, and for 99% of couples, it's possible to get these improvements starting today (with just a bit of help from an experienced guide).

Don't continue to suffer the downward spiral into anger, sadness, and disconnection: break free today with a simple step you can take right now.

I'll show you the simplest way to tune in during my short video lesson "One Simple Question." It's short and to the point (just over 20 minutes) so you don't waste any time:

 Inside "One Simple Question," you'll discover:

  • The most common pattern that causes marital conflict so you know exactly when you need to use the One Simple Question to avoid an argument

  • A blame-free approach to marital conflict so neither partner feels at fault. Instead, you feel like a team, working together to improve your marriage

  • How to most effectively use the one simple question with each other to tune in and ensure peaceful, productive conversations every time, and easily deepen your connection with your spouse 

You Can Invest Just 20 Minutes and $7 To Escape The Argument Spiral Today, Can't You?

Complete the checkout process below now, and as you watch the short-and-sweet 20 minute video mini-course, you'll feel new confidence as you see just how "do-able" it really is to have a conflict-free, enjoyable relationship with your spouse.

For you and your marriage,

Brandon Wall, LMFT

P.S. In-person couple's therapy costs around $200 for a single session. I've done thousands years of therapy helping hundreds of couples, and packed the very best of all that experience into this mini-course. It's helped lots of couples, and I'm confident it can help you today. Plus, it costs $100 just to go out to eat these days! Why not dive in right now, watch my short video, and see what improvement you can get? It costs just $7, and could be the best $7 you ever spent for your marriage.

How It's Worked For Other Couples...

"I loved this course because I finally feel like I'm able to communicate my needs in a way that my husband can understand."


"This little question shifted our perspectives completely. We began to understand and appreciate each other more. We're understanding each other, arguing a lot less, and laughing a lot more like we did when we were dating. We can't thank Brandon enough for giving us the tools to find each other again."


"We found ourselves arguing over the smallest things, leading to a tense atmosphere at home. Brandon's 'One Simple Question' course was a life saver for us. It totally changed the feel of our communication. This course has been invaluable in helping us enjoy our new life together with peace and love."


"Brandon's help was so practical and straightforward. Now I FINALLY know how to get what my wife actually means and I'm not left guessing. She understands me better too."


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